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Broadband in South Derbyshire

In many areas of South Derbyshire, especially the rural areas, the broadband infrastructure is too limited to allow people to access and use the internet as they need to.

Broadband page

Infrastructure providers give the impression that the majority of people are able to get sufficient speeds to do what they want on the Internet, such as surfing or using the BBC iPlayer. In some rural (and some urban) areas this isn’t the case.

South Derbyshire District Council continues to work with Derbyshire County Council to try and improve broadband in South Derbyshire, further information can be found by following this link to the Derbyshire County Council website\broadband

Can I do anything about my current broadband speed?

Broadband speed and continuity is affected by a wide variety of factors often unique to a location. The main factors are:

  • distance from the exchange
  • contention ration (the number of people sharing a connection)
  • time of day
  • quality of modem and internal cables
  • quality of external cables
  • capacity of the website that is being looked at.

Advice on broadband and how to try to improve your broadband speed can be found in the document ‘How to fix slow broadband speeds’ attached to this page.

Advice is also available on the internet, and there are a number of external websites listed on this page. The websites are for information purposes only. If you decide to follow any guidance on the websites, South Derbyshire District Council cannot be held accountable for any problems that may arise.

page ref: SDDC 490

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