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Neighbourhood watch

Neighbourhood Watch is one of the most successful crime prevention initiatives ever.
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It is all about working actively together with the police and the Safer South Derbyshire Partnership to:

  • cut crime and the opportunities for crime,
  • help and reassure those who live in fear of crime, and
  • encourage neighbourliness and closer communities.

Neighbourhood Watch is particularly active in South Derbyshire and has a very positive Support Group network for Co-ordinators. The Support Group meets quarterly and Co-ordinators receive advice and training from the Police and Safer South Derbyshire Partnership.

Who does what?

The Area Co-ordinator

The area co-ordinator provides the main focus for the whole scheme and is responsible for the internal management of the watch. This involves planning, organising meetings and distributing information such as crime alerts or newsletters via the street co-ordinators, liaison with the Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) support groups, street co-ordinators and the police.

The position of area co-ordinator is an important one and applicants should be willing to allow the police to check their background.

The Street Co-ordinator

Street Co-ordinators provide liaison at street level. They maintain contact with individual household members who live near their own home.

They are expected to attend meetings organised by the area co-ordinator, pass on crime alerts and encourage active crime prevention. Street co-ordinators are responsible for communicating NHW information to and from the households they serve.

The Member

The role of the member (all households within the scheme) is vital to the success of the scheme. Giving support to the Street and Area Co-ordinators is important and this can be done in several ways, firstly by taking positive crime prevention action regarding their own home security and within the neighbourhood. Secondly by maintaining a friendly relationship with neighbours, looking after more vulnerable residents. Also by attending meetings and becoming an "active citizen".

Why not find out if a Neighbourhood Watch scheme exists near you or obtain information on forming your own scheme by contacting the Safer South Derbyshire Partnership on telephone 01283 595787.