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Chairman of the council

Councillor Pat Murray is the current chairman of South Derbyshire District Council.

Councillor Murray, Councillor Stanton, Heather Stanton and Sandra Murray

Handed the civic chains at the annual Civic Council meeting on Thursday 26 May 2016, he will represent the council as its politically neutral figurehead at a whole range of events and functions over the coming year.

Councillor Murray, who represents the Seales ward and has served on the authority since 2007, immediately set his sights on his key aim of boosting the profile of music in South Derbyshire and raising money for chosen charity Prostate Cancer Care - Men United

It is his third term as chairman and he is looking forward to a busy and active year.

Councillor Murray, who lives in Midway said:

“It's a real honour to be given this opportunity for a third time and I'd like to thank colleagues from across the Council Chamber. I can't wait to get started.

“As well as raising money and awareness for a young but excellent charity, I plan to promote music for young people and involve people in music. Where I come from music doesn't just have to be playing a guitar, violin or fiddle - you can make music with a saucepan or spoons, and this was done regularly in pubs in the East End.

“I want to get schoolchildren to think about and enjoy music in all its formats - that's a real passion of mine.

"I'm also very passionate about football and hope to encourage the older generation to get involved in walking football, as well as increase support for local teams. Perhaps one day we could have our own Burton Albion success story in South Derbyshire"

Councillor Murray will have Councillor Michael Stanton as vice-chairman and wife Sandra as his consort, a role shared with Eric Reynolds.

He added:

“This year will be fun and I want people to enjoy it with me. The chains do not belong to me or the council - they belong to the people and I'll take them to as many places as I can.”

Anyone wishing to invite Councillor Murray to an event or help his fund-raising can contact the chairman's office tel: 01283 595895 or email