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Visitors impressed with new pub and restaurant

21 December 2011

Visitors have been raising a glass to a new pub and restaurant taking pride of place at a £15 million leisure and retail development.

The Tall Chimney, situated at The Pipeworks, in Coppice Side, Swadlincote, is proving a massive draw since opening on December 12. 

Pub chain Hungry Horse spent £2.5 million on converting a distinctive former Hepworth’s factory building into a family friendly outlet.

And, to add to the festive cheer, more than 40 jobs have been created.

Cameron Marsland, 19, of Stanton, is one of the new employees. He said: “I absolutely love it here – it is a great place to work.

“There is a fantastic atmosphere, the pub looks excellent and we have had so many nice comments in a short space of time.”

The eatery has been so popular all of its tables for Christmas Day were fully booked before it opened its doors for the first time.

Attractions include good value and quality pub food, a pool table, flat screen televisions and booths with games consoles. Pictures of Swadlincote past and present adorn the walls.

Manager Gareth Cotton said: “It is exciting to have opened such a special pub and restaurant in Swadlincote. Our aim is to be a friendly local that impresses visitors with quality food, its sense of fun and affordable prices.

“It has been extremely busy so far and we have had a good reaction from those who have come in. People have been impressed with how helpful the staff are, the décor and our family friendly nature.”

The establishment is named after the massive former Hepworth’s chimney that forms the impressive backdrop to The Pipeworks.

South Derbyshire District Council has been working with investors to ensure the town’s heritage is embraced as part of its exciting future.

Cllr Michael Stanton, Chairman of the Council, said: “The Tall Chimney is yet another string in the bow of Swadlincote’s blossoming reputation.

“The old has been fused with the new at The Pipeworks, another example of how the town is looking to stand out from the crowd.

“We wish The Tall Chimney a long and prosperous future.”

The Tall Chimney joins an Odeon Cinema and household names such as Argos, Home Bargains and Peacocks in opening at The Pipeworks.

Frank McArdle, Chief Executive of the District Council, said: “In terms of creating an evening economy in the heart of the town, the combination of the Odeon cinema and The Tall Chimney goes a long way in the right direction. I am confident it will lead to even more leisure and retail in the town centre.”

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