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Homeowners hail funding news

18 March 2014

Homeowners have hailed the news that flood alleviation works have been taken from the drawing board to the cusp of reality.

South Derbyshire District Council has secured a £24,000 grant from the Environment Agency to make improvements in Robinson’s Hill, Melbourne.

This will be used to resolve drainage difficulties which cause surface water to build up during inclement weather.

Residents living in Robinson’s Hill are delighted with the announcement.

Crawford Ferguson, 65, who has lived in Melbourne since 1976, said: “It means an awful lot to those of us living in Robinson’s Hill.

“It is very good of the district council to go the extra mile for us. Everyone appreciates the effort being put in. Officers have worked tirelessly.”

The district council is now working with Derbyshire County Council, as the lead flood authority, to identify and consider options that lead to solutions.

It is hoped this will lead to alterations being carried out towards the end of summer.

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