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Efficiency Dividend

Every penny counts. That is why South Derbyshire District Council aims to provide value for money to residents and hard-working families.

As well as freezing our portion of Council Tax for the fifth year in a row, we are taking £6.20 off the majority of bills for 2015/16.

That means you are paying less for all the services we offer to ensure South Derbyshire is an attractive place to live, work and visit. 

The initiative – known as an ‘Efficiency Dividend’ - is possible thanks to a balanced budget and strong levels of reserves built up during the past four years.

We are one of only a handful of authorities to have done this. 

Frequently asked questions

What is an Efficiency Dividend?

The Efficiency Dividend will see residents handed back a slice of their council tax bills as a reward for the cash savings made by South Derbyshire District Council.

Why is South Derbyshire District Council doing this?

A balanced budget and strong levels of reserves mean South Derbyshire District Council is in a position to give something back. It was agreed at a Full Council meeting in March that five per cent of the authority’s portion of Council Tax will be paid to taxpayers at a flat rate. 

How does this affect me?

If you’re registered to pay Council Tax in South Derbyshire on 1 July 2015, up to £6.20 will be taken off the next instalment you are due to pay. Even if your property is unoccupied, you will still receive the Efficiency Dividend as you are paying Council Tax. If you have arrears from previous years, this dividend cannot be transferred to reduce any outstanding amount prior to 2015/16.

I have received a paper bill when I am registered for e-billing

There are around 900 people registered for e-billing in South Derbyshire. As this is a new initiative, it is more cost effective to issue paper bills. 

Will money still be available to invest in services?

During 2015/16, South Derbyshire District Council is set to pump £650,000 into capital projects including £300,000 for the Community Partnership Scheme. This will see enhancements at Swadlincote Woodlands, Rosliston Forestry Centre, Etwall Leisure Centre and the Grove Hall in Swadlincote. Plans are also in the pipeline to boost the council’s housing stock, with 50 new properties to be built.

Who is eligible for the Efficiency Dividend?

You are eligible for the Efficiency Dividend if you are a resident of South Derbyshire and registered to pay Council Tax. 

Anybody who is exempt from paying Council Tax or is entitled to full Council Tax Support will not receive the Efficiency Dividend as they have no Council Tax charge to pay for 2015/16. 

What happens if I have a separate arrangement to pay my Council Tax charge?

If you pay your Council Tax for 2015/16 by separate arrangement you will receive a new arrangement notification showing the revised instalments after the Efficiency Dividend has been applied. Please pay as per the arrangement letter.

My Council Tax charge has gone into recovery will I still get the Efficiency Dividend?

Yes you will still receive the Efficiency Dividend as you still have a Council Tax charge to pay for 2015/16. The Efficiency Dividend payment will come off the total balance. The bill may not show any instalments as you are at a stage where legally the full balance is due.

I am now in credit what can I do?

The credit can be used against next year’s Council Tax charge. Alternatively if you would like the credit repaying please contact Customer Services to request a refund.

I recently received a bill which shows a payment is due but I have already paid?

If you have made a recent payment it may have missed the cut off for distribution of the adjustment notice and not show as a payment made. You can check your current balance online. We are currently experiencing some problems with this facility on our website. We're trying to fix it as quickly as we can and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

I have received two bills close together, which one is correct?

Always use the bill with the latest date as this will reflect the most current situation.

If the information provided does not answer your query, please get in touch.

Select the Council Tax option from the online form titled ‘What service do you require’ for more information.