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Role of the Leader of the Council

Leader of the Council - the purpose, duties and responsibilities of the role.

Purpose and Role

The purpose and role is to:-
  • Provide effective political leadership and strategic direction for the Council.
  • Ensure effective Corporate Governance.
  • Provide effective stewardship of the Council.
  • Ensure that the Council delivers high quality, value for money services.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities are to:-
  • Provide the political leadership to the Council, including proposing the policy framework within which the Council will operate.
  • Ensure effective Corporate Governance, including working with opposition groups to seek to achieve, where possible, cross party co-operation.
  • Lead the Council and be responsible for the Councilís corporate and resource strategies.
  • Ensure the effective integration of roles, responsibilities and functions within Committee memberships.
  • Be the key contact for outside organisations (including Central Government, Local Authority Associations and Council partners) and internally for the Councilís Corporate Management Team.
  • Be the representative voice of the Council, for example, in its dealings with Central Government, other Local Authorities and their Associations and to positively promote the Council as a whole to the media.
  • Act as the political spokesperson for the Council.
  • Promote the long-term financial, business and economic stability of the Council.
  • Encourage the highest standards of probity and corporate governance for the well-being of the District.
  • Communicate the Administrationís policies and priorities to the Corporate Management Team and to receive its advice.
You can find out more about the current Leader of the Council by following this link: Leader of the Council

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