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Heat loss map for South Derbyshire

We have commissioned a thermal map of South Derbyshire. This can help business, individuals and us to work out where measures such as insulation may help to reduce energy consumption.

Heat loss map of South Derbyshire centred on civic officers

Use the postcode finder or the map's controls to locate your home or business and see if you are losing heat through your buildings.

If your property looks blue then you are super-efficient (or the property is empty). Green means that you are doing ok and not wasting the earth's precious resources. Red means that your house is a hot spot and you could probably take some simple steps to reduce your energy consumption.

Please note that the survey was flown in March 2007, so any installation of insulation or alterations since this date will not be shown.

Occasionally the heat loss map shows an anomalous result, for example the map shows that a property has a red colour code (meaning high heat loss) even though it may be newly built or fully insulated. This is because the infra red camera used for the survey detects light as well as heat. Although the survey was carried out at night to reduce this effect, some roof materials are more reflective than others and may give a slightly misleading result.

Colours used on the heat loss map


Colour Description

Heat Loss Rating


Dark Blue


Building probably empty

Light Blue


Excellent and probably needs no further action (may also be empty)



Good but may benefit from some upgrade insulation



Need to improve insulation

Dark Red


Need to urgently improve insulation. The amount of heat loss may be affecting the occupants' health

View the Heat Loss Map for South Derbyshire using the Derbyshire mapping portal

Tip: when using the map, use the [+] symbol to zoom in, the [-] symbol to zoom out, the hand symbol to move the map and the [i] to obtain further information

If you need help using the map or would like information on how you can reduce heat loss from you home or building please either use these web pages or contact us using the details below.

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