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Licensing information and areas for fishing in South Derbyshire.


As an angler it is most important for you to know that anyone aged 12 years or over who fishes for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels in England and Wales or the Border Esk Region in Scotland must have an Environment Agency Rod Fishing Licence.

A rod licence is a statutory requirement (in other words it is required by law) and entitles the licensee to use a rod and line to fish. They differ from permits (often referred to as tickets or day tickets) which give permission to fish a particular water or waters and are issued by fishery owners, angling clubs and so on.

Rod licences can be purchased from any Post Office in England and Wales and postcode areas; DG11, DG13, DG14, DG16, TD8 and TD9.

Fishing areas

Green Heart Lake Rosliston Forestry Centre

Day tickets can be purchased for this location by contacting 01283 563483

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