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Performance - Environmental Services

Environmental Services operates on the principle of openness and accountability to the public we serve.

Below is a summary of the performance against the service standards declared on this website and in the booklet 'Environmental Services Information and Service Standards'.

These figures will be updated every three months, to show performance over the last quarter.

Performance against service standards for year ending March 2008


Customer satisfaction returns showed that 96 per cent of our clients considered the service to be good or excellent.

During the year we received over 2,300 requests for service. Of these, we dealt with 99 per cent within the service standard target time.

Environmental Services was compared with all other councils by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and it concluded expenditure per head of population is the 51st lowest of all district councils.

Furthermore our recycling rates have made a great leap forward this year and our customer satisfaction for these services was above average.

Waste and cleansing

Congratulations to households in South Derbyshire! Together we recycled or composted 33.6 per cent of our household waste. Our plans to extend composting to all households and improve our recycling collection service, should improve this further next year and the following, so that by 2010 we should reach 40 per cent.

When fly-tipping incidents were reported it took less than a day to remove the fly-tipped rubbish.

We emptied almost one million bins during the period. Almost all were collected on the scheduled date. Less than 0.02 per cent were missed and all these were collected within 24 hours of our notification.

Environmental health

Abandoned vehicles reported were investigated within 24 hours in 100 per cent of cases.

Removal notices were served where necessary and 85 per cent of vehicles were removed from the street within 24 hours of the expiry of the notice.

In the first quarter a number of vehicles were collected within 48 hours and this has led to a dip in our performance. Arrangements with our contractor to ensure rapid removal have been reinforced and in the last two quarters 100 per cent were removed within 24 hours.

We treated 1,765 households for pests (rats, mice, wasps) and visited 99 per cent within three days of the request.

For information on a wider range of performance issues and over a longer time period, please download the service plan monitoring document from the related documents section, which records performance against all the targets in the service plan.

More feedback on our performance

We are pleased to report that we met our targets for 15 out of 20 national indicators (BVPI's). The five other instances are already receiving corrective action. So, for example, our street-cleaning regime has been reviewed and improvements are underway.

We are pleased to report that we expect to met all our service standard targets. And 12 out of 17 Local Performance Indicators. Full details, including corrective action, can be found in the Service Plan Monitoring Document above but the main issues of unsatisfactory performance are addressed below.

We set a target for delivering Disabled Facilities Adaptations within 42 weeks of referral. We have met this in 64 per cent of the cases we processed ourselves but we are concerned for the remaining 36 per cent of clients. At the root of these limited delays are the funding difficulties that have arisen due to a dramatic surge in demand for these grants. Great efforts have been made to address this during the last six months and councillors have allocated an additional 250,000 to help people in these circumstances as well as lobbying Central Government to provide more support.

Another indicator which is showing poor performance is the time taken by our agents, Spirita Housing Association, to provide housing improvement grants. They delivered their grants in an average period of 49 weeks. This is longer than the 41 week target. This is far from desirable. However, this type of grant is no longer being funded and the indicator relates to the last few that are still on our books. By their nature these last remaining cases are the most difficult ones to resolve, involving exceptional complications. Any future grants administered by this partner will be controlled by a detailed service level agreement that will secure better levels of performance. 

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