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Beetles information

Beetles are one of the most successful creatures on earth and can adapt to any environment. There are about 350,000 named species of beetles in the world and many more unnamed species.
The name "beetle" comes from old English words for "little biters". Larvae of beetles are called grubs, wireworms and root worms. They live in many habitats: decaying plant and animal mater, water, stored food, bird and mammal nests and freshwater.

Beetles range in size from 0.01 to eight inches in body length, but their antennae are sometimes longer than that. The can have hard, soft or leathery bodies, and can be smooth or hairy. Most of the beetles are dark brown or black but some can be red, blue green purple or a combination of colours. They have mandibles for eating, two sets of wings and three pairs of legs. They can feed on plants, other beetles, bark, fungi, animal droppings and decaying flesh.

What do we treat for and is there a charge?

See the Pests home page.

If you find any beetles that you would like us to identify or any further advice and information regarding beetles please contact the Pest Control Section using the contact details below.

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