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Bed bugs information

The pest control services provided by South Derbyshire are on a not for profit basis and therefore our priority is to provide quality first and foremost. If you would rather delay the treatment until our full service is available then please do not hesitate to speak to one of our Contact Centre staff and we will book you into the earliest available appointment.

Bed bugs are found worldwide including throughout the UK. They are nocturnal parasitic insects which feed on the blood of humans and other mammals.

By day they hide in cracks and crevices in beds, furniture, wallpaper and skirting boards emerging when hungry to feed.

Bed bugs are not regarded as disease carriers but their feeding can cause severe irritation in some people. Bites are usually found around the head, neck and upper body. Heavily infested rooms may smell unpleasantly of almonds. Blood spotting on bed clothes may also indicate an infestation.

What do we treat for and is there a charge?

We no longer provide treatments for bed bugs. Private sector pest control companies are able to provide this service - see the pests page.

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