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Wasps information

The pest control services provided by South Derbyshire are on a not for profit basis and therefore our priority is to provide quality first and foremost. If you would rather delay the treatment until our full service is available then please do not hesitate to speak to one of our Contact Centre staff and we will book you into the earliest available appointment".

There are several species of wasp. Some are solitary and others are social and build large nests. The most abundant are the Common Wasp and the German Wasp, both of which can nest underground, in trees or in cavities, garden sheds and roof spaces etc.

They can be beneficial in the garden by killing many garden pests but are widely feared because of their sting. They do not die after stinging and can sting more than once.

They can become a big problem when they nest in and around domestic properties especially in late summer whey they are irritable with the onset of cooler weather and are feeding on fermenting over ripe fruit juices.

Council pest control officers will deal with pests that are harmful to public health and well being at homes and businesses. Wasps are dealt with for a fee.

Pest control services can be arranged by telephoning during normal working hours, where our staff will provide advice and make an appointment for treatment if you wish. Alternatively you can contact us by email.

Officers call by prior appointment and apply safe and effective treatments. If for any reason the problem persists they will return and make every effort to ensure the pest is eradicated.

What do we treat for and is there a charge?

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