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Recycling, rubbish and waste

recycling poster

South Derbyshire District Council provides a successful recycling, composting and refuse collection service for all households.

Watch our recycling video.

Last year we recycled over 49% of household waste and we can do lots more with your help.

Each household has three bins which should be put out before 6am on collection day.

If you make full use of your recycling and composting service you will find there is very little waste left in your black bin. All materials put into the black bin go to the landfill tip for disposal so please recycle and compost as much as you can.

We empty the green and brown bins together before emptying the black bin the week after as part of our collection service.

If you need help to put out your bins please request an assisted collection service.

What goes into what bin

Egg boxes are made from low-grade fibre and glue or foam, meaning they cannot be recycled with cardboard and therefore need to go in the black bin.

Please be aware that we cannot recycle plastic sweet tubs (Celebrations, Heroes, Roses) due to the material used, therefore these should not be placed in your green bin.

We are also unable to accept wrapping paper and Christmas cards because of the contamination caused by sticky tape, glitter, glue and so on.

Easy Green recycling bin

Main bin:

  • empty aerosols
  • clean foil
  • food tins and cans
  • glass bottles and jars
  • margarine tubs
  • yoghurt pots
  • fruit and mushroom punnets
  • plastic bottles.

Inner caddy:

  • paper
  • junk mail
  • newspapers
  • cardboard
  • phone directories
  • magazines.

Red sack:

  • clothes
  • curtains
  • rags
  • shoes
  • belts
  • handbags
  • underwear
  • towels.

Brown compost bin

Food waste:

  • plate scrapings
  • meat
  • bones
  • fish
  • stale bread
  • cake
  • dairy
  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • tea bags
  • coffee grounds.

Garden waste:

  • weeds
  • grass
  • leaves
  • branches
  • pet straw
  • wood shavings.

Sorry we cannot take:

  • plastic bags
  • plastic items
  • non-compostable waste
  • turf
  • soil
  • garden rubble
  • stones.

Black refuse bin

Non-recyclable refuse including:

  • black plastic items
  • pizza boxes
  • juice cartons (Tetrapak)
  • plastic bags
  • cellophane
  • plastic wrapping packets
  • bubble wrap
  • polythene
  • polystyrene
  • plant pots
  • sticky tape
  • nappies
  • pet waste (bagged)
  • toys
  • foam packaging
  • coat hangers
  • rigid plastic items
  • egg boxes.

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