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Fostering, adopting and looked after children

In Derbyshire. fostering services and children's homes are provided by Derbyshire County Council and Derby City Council. To learn more and download the relevant forms, use the links below:

Fostering & Adoption


Derbyshire County Council - Fostering & Adoption Services

For further information please telephone 0800 083 7744 

Derby city

Derby City Council - Fostering & Adoption Information

Neighbouring authorities

Leicestershire County Council

Leicestershire County Council - Fostering 

Staffordshire County Council

Staffordshire County Council - Fostering 

Children's homes

Neighbouring authorities

Leicestershire County Council 

Support for 'looked after' Children and young people 

Staffordshire County Council 

Children and Family Services 


Page ref: LGSL 159 and LGSL 263

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