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Website help and accessibility

We try to make sure that our website can be accessed by everyone.

Do you need extra help with seeing or understanding this website?

BBC - My Web My Way - This website is run by the BBC and AbilityNet. It tells you how you can:

  • make the text bigger
  • change the style of the text
  • change the colour of the text
  • change the colour of the page
  • change your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings

It also tells you how to make your computer read the text out to make the internet more accessible.

Information in another format or language

If you would like information in another language, or if you require the services of an interpreter, please contact us. If you ask us, we can provide the information you need in large print, braille or audio format.

Tel: 01283 595795

Google also provide a translation service which will allow you to translate words, documents, web pages and websites into 72 different languages. Please be aware however, the translation may not always be completely correct. If the information is important to you, you should have it checked by someone who can understand the language fully.

Searching this website using the search facility

Type a word or phrase into the search box at the top right hand corner of the page and then click/press 'Go'. Please remember that the more words you use in the phrase, then the less your chance of the search finding the documents your are looking for. If the search fails to locate the pages you want then try using different words.

For example, if a search for "trash" doesn't bring results, a search for "rubbish" might.

Further help with using the search is within the search pages.

Online services

At the top of our home page are the links Report It, Apply For ItPay For ItRequest It, Have Your Say.

Navigating the subject list

Pages are organised according to the Local Government Category List which provides the categorisation under which these pages can be found eg: Planning Services can be found under Environment. To move through the list click on the subject heading where you page lists - further sub-categories may exist beneath this. To return quickly to the homepage, you may click on the home link at above the subject list or click the 'Up one level' text to move back up the subject list a level at a time.

Altering the font size manually

If the text size is too small for you to read, you have several options:

Switch to Text Version only

You can switch the site to 'Text Version' located in the top left corner of the page - this removes all pictures and graphics, allowing you to read the text more clearly.

Using the mouse to alter screen size

If you have a wheel button mouse (a rotating button between the left and right buttons) you can re-size the screen larger or smaller by pressing and holding down the Ctrl button and rotating the wheel button at the same time.

Changing your browser options

Usually this is done through the 'view' menu on your browser:

If you are using Internet Explorer:
Go to the view menu
Down to Text size and then choose larger or largest

If you are using Netscape navigator:
Go to the view menu
Go down to Text size and then choose 120%, 150% or 200%

If you are using Mozilla or Firefox:
Go to the view menu.
Choose Increase text size (You may have to do this a few times to find a size suitable for you)

Viewing Documents

Adobe Acrobat for Portable Document Format (PDF) files

Some information is not presented as a normal web page. Instead, you may have to download (copy onto your computer) the whole file and print or read it using different software.

Documents are almost all in Adobe PDF format, which you can read using the Adobe Acrobat reader software. This software is provided free by Adobe Systems Inc. Download Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Accessibility of this website

The standard that we aim for is the AA standard set by the Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C).

This makes sure that people using 'assistive technology' (such as screen readers) can read our site. It also means that the site is more user-friendly for everyone. We use the Bobby software from Watchfire, and regular manual testing.

You may notice that:

  • Links to other web pages do not open in a new window - this can be confusing for screen reader users.
  • All images contain alternate text. This is kept to a minimum for decorative images. 
  • Link text is meaningful - if you scan your eye over a page, it's easy to see where the underlined links will take you.
  • Background / foreground contrast is good.
  • The site uses Cascading Style Sheets for formatting and text can easily be resized.
  • Bullet points are used where possible, making pages easier to read for everyone, not just screen reader users.

We carry out regular testing and aim to make sure that as many of our pages meet the standard as possible. This is particularly useful for people with dyslexia. Unfortunately certain pages, such as our interactive mapping, will not meet the standard.

If you would like any of our information in an alternative format, including that shown on the GIS mapping system, Please contact us on 01283 595795 or 

If you are disabled and have comments about the accessibility of our site, then please contact us. We value your feedback.

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