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South Derbyshire is the sixth fastest-growing local authority area in England, with a population of approximately 91,000 (ONS mid 2007 estimate), meaning approximately 37,000 households who need somewhere to live.

South Derbyshire's housing stock is currently mostly low-rise semi-detached and detached family homes.

Approximately 9.5% of South Derbyshire's housing is rented accommodation provided by social landlords; either the council or housing associations.

Terraced homes following housing grants

Public (council) Housing

South Derbyshire District Council remains the largest social landlord in South Derbyshire with 3,050 homes.

Most popular links: Housing Associations and Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), Mutual Exchange, Applying for Housing, Right to Buy, Get involved!. More about Public (council) Housing

Private housing

As well as providing housing, we also work to raise standards in privately rented accommodation and work to improve housing in areas of the district.

Most popular links: Decent Homes Standard, Housing Renewal Grants, Empty properties, Get involved!. More about Private Housing

Advice and help

Deposit Guarantee Scheme, Local Housing Allowance, energy advice and information, adaptations for disabled people, Mortgage rescue scheme


If you are homeless or about to become homeless, or genuinely worried about losing your home, the sooner you come to speak to us, the more chance there is that we can help to prevent you from losing your home.

Homelessness, Applying for Housing


Do you need planning permission, view or comment on a planning application, report an unauthorised development

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