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Housing Tenancy Strategy

Tenancy Strategy

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a number of changes in social housing, including placing a new duty on all Local Authorities to publish a Tenancy Strategy for their area.

The Tenancy Strategy concerns the management of affordable rented homes within the district (council homes and those owned by registered providers). It looks at how we might best use this important but limited resource to meet the needs of people who may find it difficult to find a home on the open market.

The Strategy outlines the broad guidelines housing providers operating in South Derbyshire should take into account when developing their individual tenancy policies. It is important to note that housing providers are obliged to have regard to this strategy when they are developing their own tenancy policies.

Existing tenants are not affected by these changes.

You can download the Councilís Tenancy Strategy from the related documents section below.

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