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Multiple occupancy homes (HMOs)

Houses in Multiple Occupation are premises occupied by more than one household, and can be anything from a student shared property to premises converted to self-contained flats. 

We are responsible for operating the government’s mandatory licensing scheme for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) which is intended to ensure they are in a satisfactory condition, are safe, have satisfactory means of escape from fire, have sufficient bathrooms and kitchens, have adequate space and proper management.

What is a house in multiple occupation?

A house in multiple occupation (HMO) is a building or part of a building such as a flat that:

  • is occupied by more than one household and where more than one household shares or lack an amenity such as a bathroom, toilet or cooking facilities
  • is occupied by more than one household and which is a converted building – but not entirely self contained flats (whether or not some amenities are shared or lacking)
  • is converted self-contained flats, but does not meet as the minimum standard the requirements of the 1991 Building Regulations and at least one third of the flats are occupied under short tenancies.

From July 2006 certain high risk HMOs will require a licence to operate from the Local Authority

What are the standards?

A HMO will have to meet legal standards. These standards include:

  • means of escape in case of fire and other fire precautions
  • amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms toilets and wash hand basins
  • overcrowding with regards to the number and size of rooms
  • general fitness for occupation
  • management standards
  • gas safety
  • furniture fire safety

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