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Housing health and safety rating system (HHRS)

The Housing Act 2004 introduces a new statutory minimum standard for housing called the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). This system is a risk based assessment, involving consideration of 29 separate hazards.

Where hazards are identified in a property, scores are assigned to the hazards based on the risk they present to the potential occupant. Scores in excess of 1,000 points will render a hazard category 1 requiring mandatory action. Scores below 1,000 will render a hazard category 2 where action is discretionary.

A new range of enforcement action to deal with identified hazards under the Housing Act 2004 is available as follows:

  •  Improvement notice
  •  Prohibition order
  •  Hazard awareness notice
  •  Emergency remedial action*
  •  Emergency prohibition order*
  •  Demolition order*
  •  Clearance area*

(* not available where a property exhibits category 2 hazards only)

We will seek to reduce the number of homes in the district that pose a risk to the health and safety of the occupants (ie suffer from category 1 hazards) and will take enforcement action where necessary and appropriate in accordance with the councilís Enforcement Policy.

For information Leaflets and Documents for Landlords and Tenants, please see Private Housing

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