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Tenancy sustainment service

The Tenancy Sustainment Service is designed to support clients to manage their welfare and tenancy effectively and ensure they maximise any welfare benefits they maybe entitled to.

The Tenancy Sustainment Service is offered to:

  • New introductory tenants where financial assistant tenancy support is identified as appropriate in supporting the new tenants to sustain their tenancy.

The Tenancy Sustainment Officer can help you with:

  • Managing money and budgeting to ensure rent and other essential bills are paid.
  • Maximize income, and ensuring clients are in receipt of all benefits they are entitled to.
  • Setting up utility services.
  • Understanding their Tenancy Agreement and how to keep to it.
  • Accessing affordable loans.
  • Making referrals to specialist services, such as Adult Care Services, P3 Mental Health.
  • Support with accessing low cost furniture.
  • Advising on how to look after your property.
  • Support in applying for Derbyshire Discretionary Fund and Discretionary Housing Payment.
  • Referrals to other agencies on debt counselling advice.
  • Support in setting up bank accounts and accessing credit union.

There will be no specific period that the service will be offered; it will be tailored to your individual needs.

If you are a South Derbyshire tenant and need support please give Natasha Muldoon a call tel: 01283595778.

page ref: SDDC 648

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