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Parks and outdoor recreation

How important are parks and green spaces to you? Are they just a nice-to-have or are they a must-have? What would your neighbourhood be like without somewhere for the children to go and play, without somewhere to play sport, without somewhere to walk the dog, or without somewhere just to sit and relax a while?

Green Flag Award

Today in South Derbyshire, we are very proud of our environment. It is certainly a very different place to how it looked even 30 years ago. Open cast mines, pits, quarries and factories were the main features of the landscape, especially in the urban area. Now those industries are a distant memory and the landscape is returning to a pleasant shade of green. The National Forest is reclaiming the landscape back for nature, and we place a very high value on our parks and open green spaces for the quality of life of our residents.

There is a very real pressure on our open green spaces today from development, and we fight hard to ensure that our surroundings stay as green and pleasant land. Our parks are a key part of our heritage and we are dedicated to managing and developing them to a high standard to meet the changing needs of our growing population.

South Derbyshire District Council manages four parks in the urban area and we are committed to a programme of continual improvement, working towards achieving Green Flag standards.

The location of our parks and outdoor recreation facilities can be seen on our leisure map.

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