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Village greens and common land

Village greens are usually areas of land within defined settlements or geographical areas, which local inhabitants can go onto for the exercise of lawful sports and pastimes. Typically, these might include games, picnics, fetes, and other similar activities. Whilst land forming town or village greens may be privately owned, many greens are owned and maintained by local Parish or Community Councils. Some greens may also have rights of common (i.e. grazing of livestock) over them.

Village greens are protected under two Nineteenth century Acts: Inclosure Act 1857 (section 12) and the Commons Act, 1876 (Section 29).

Registers of Common Land and Village Greens is a statutory register (Commons Registration Act, 1965) which is maintained by the commons registration authority. Each area of common land and town or village green is listed.

Searches of the Register may be requested through your solicitor using form CR21, but the register is available for inspection free of charge. There may be charges for copies.

For South Derbyshire, the Register of Common Land & Village Greens is held by Derbyshire County Council. Please telephone 01629 580000 and ask for the Officer responsible for the register, or visit the Land and premises section of their website

Derby City

Derby City is the registration authority and holds the The Register of Common Land & Village Greens for the Derby City area. Please call Derby City Council's land charges on 01332 255470

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