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Things to do in The National Forest and beyond

Given our location in The National Forest and beyond, you will be surrounded by one of the UK's boldest environmental projects. With ancient forests alongside new, vigorous young woodlands, nature is in abundance and gentle walking our speciality.

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Our historic houses with their extensive grounds and beautiful gardens host a diverse range of events throughout the year. Whether you enjoy classical or rock concerts; mountain bike endurance races or classic car rallies; firework extravaganzas or the uniquely traditional well dressings, you are sure to be entertained in style.

All members of the family will find something to suit them, whether making new friends at our animal farms, discovering a history of ancient kingdoms, coal mining or flushing toilets, getting hands-on with planting the forest or simply enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Loads of activities take place here too - imagine driving a tank, navigating a canal or tobogganing through the countryside! Have you walked with a llama, constructed a coracle or foraged for a feast?

It is all here just waiting for you to discover!

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