Apply for a house

We allocate all our properties through a choice-based lettings service called South Derbyshire Homefinder. This advertises Council and registered provider properties to rent in South Derbyshire.

How to apply

To apply for a property on Homefinder you need to be on the register. To do this, follow steps one to three below:

  1. Register an online account with Homefinder.
  2. Once registered, use your login details to complete an online application with Homefinder.
  3. As well as submitting your online application with Homefinder, you must complete our online declaration and download and complete the landlord reference form. (docx, 216kb)

For medical priority applications, you will also need to complete a rehousing on medical grounds online application form in addition to the steps above.

You are eligible to register if you have a local connection to South Derbyshire. You must have:

  • lived in South Derbyshire for six out of the last 12 months or three out of the last five years, or
  • worked permanently in South Derbyshire prior to the application, for a period of six months or longer, or
  • an immediate family member with whom you are in close contact living in South Derbyshire who meets the local connection criteria

Other criteria will also be considered, contact us. if you require more information. The exception to the local connection rule is current or former members (discharged in the last five years) of the UK Armed Forces.

Once we have assessed your Homefinder application we will write to you to tell you your application is active. The letter will tell you which band you are in, your login reference number and how to bid on properties.

Search and bid

When your application is active you can start to look for a home. Details of bands, how to search for properties, ways to bid, and what happens if you are offered a property are all on the South Derbyshire Homefinder website.