Policy consultations

Details of current and future licensing-related policy consultations will be made available here as they arise.

Child sexual exploitation awareness training

On August 17, 2017 the Environmental and Development Services Committee approved mandatory training for all new and existing drivers in relation to child sexual exploitation awareness training.

The draft policy (pdf, 453kb) has been updated to incorporate the mandatory training as follows:

We require all our drivers to undertake child sexual exploitation awareness training.  The training will be arranged by the Council.  No fee will be payable. If a driver has undertaken an equivalent training course, they will not need to complete the training as long as a certificate has been provided to the Council.

Existing drivers will have until 1st November 2019 to complete the child sexual exploitation training. If a driver has not completed the training by this date, their private hire driver’s licence will be suspended until the training has been completed.

For all new applicants, the training must be completed prior to the grant of a private hire driver’s licence.