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If you intend to demolish a building over 50 cubic metres, under Section 80 of the Building Act 1984 you must give us notice by filling in an application form and paying the relevant administration fee (50).

You may not start demolition until:

  • you have submitted an S80 application and received our counter notice under Section 81 and complied with the conditions in it; or
  • six weeks has passed since you gave us notice under Section 80

You must also give notice to:

  • the occupier of any building adjacent to the proposed demolition; and
  • the service providers 'statutory undertakers' (e.g. Eon, Transco, British Gas)

You must not demolish a listed building, or any part of it. Nor must you demolish any buildings in a conservation area  unless you have planning permission for the demolition. The Planning Department requires 28 days notification of the demolition of any house not in a conservation area.

Please make sure that you take all necessary precautions given in Section 80 of the Building Act 1984:

  • Any necessary shoring up of adjacent buildings.
  • Any necessary weatherproofing of exposed surfaces of adjacent buildings and repairing or 'making good' any damage.
  • Removing waste from sites (including contaminated soil). This includes any fuel storage tanks and associated contaminated ground. We would appreciate written details about this before you start work. Please also make sure that we have given appropriate approval for this work, before starting demolition/removal.
  • Properly disconnecting, sealing and removing drains and sewers, to prevent nuisance and rodent infestation.
  • Making good of ground surface following disconnection or removal of drains and sewers.
  • Making necessary arrangements for the disconnection of gas, electricity and water supplies.

If it is necessary to have bonfires on site, then you should comply with the Clean Air Acts and not create a nuisance. It would be better not to have bonfires and to take all waste away from the site instead. 

Before you demolish a building, it is vital that you consider whether bats are likely to living there, because all British bat species are protected by law.  Buildings, bats and the law

Please bear in mind the relevant Health and Safety Legislation, in particular the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, The Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996 and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.  These matters are dealt with by:

Health and Safety Executive
The Pearson Building
55 Upper Parliament Street

Tel: 0115 9712801 who you can contact for further advice.

If you have any concerns about pollution caused by demolition of a building, contact the Environmental Health department on 01283 595795 or

Contact details

South Derbyshire District Council 
Building Control Services
Civic Offices
Civic Way
DE11 0AH

Tel: 01283 228757 Select option 3
Fax: 01283 595850
Online: contact form

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