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Notification to inspect building work

You can start work two clear working days after you submit a Full Plans Application or a Building Notice, providing you have obtained planning permission (if this is required). Do I Need Planning Permission?

Inspection Notification Plan sample

To enable us to inspect the key stages of the building work, you will need to notify building control services when you start work then at certain stages.

When your Building Control Surveyor reviews your application, an Inspection Notification Plan (INP) will be prepared, based on the design proposals of the work you intend to carry out. The INP will be the minimum notifications anticipated, although further visits may be carried out as the work progresses on site.

Depending on the route taken, the INP will be sent with the Building Notice Acceptance or with the Full Plans Acknowledgement.

The Building Control Surveyor will be able to issue a Completion Certificate only if the agreed notification stages have been satisfactorily carried out and the relevant additional information provided. It is most likely that you will need the certificate to enable any future sale of your property.

If you don't keep us up to date on your progress, you might have to open up works so that we can check it. This takes time and can cost you money, so to avoid having to do this, please keep your Building Control Surveyor fully informed.

Request an inspection

You can request an inspection through this website using the link below.

Request an Inspection

Level of service

We will make every effort to carry out inspections without delay to keep your building work moving.

Requests received before 9.30am are carried out on the same day. Requests received after 9.30am may still be carried out on the same day. If this is not possible, we will inspect on the next working day.

Prior arrangements can be made with your Building Control Surveyor.

Failure to give notice

Building work covered without notice being given is a contravention of building regulations and we may need such work to be exposed.

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