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Latest building control news and information

The latest news and information from building control.

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Statutory Instrument 2010/404
The Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010

In accordance with the above regulations, South Derbyshire District Council (Building Control Service) has fixed by means of a scheme, charges in connection with the performance of its functions relating to Building Regulations.

Details of the new scheme and charges which take effect from 14 July 2014 are available for inspection from:

Building Control Service
Civic Offices
Civic Way

The new fee charge guidance sheet will be effective from 14 July 2014 and is available to download from the related documents section.

Council opening hours

  • Monday 8.45am to 5pm
  • Tuesday 8.45am to 5pm
  • Wednesday 9.30am to 5pm
  • Thursday 8.45 to 5pm
  • Friday 8.45 to 4.30pm

For your convenience our officers operate a flexible work pattern therefore there is usually an Officer available for telephone queries from 8am up to 5.30pm.

New building regulations 2010

New (consolidated) regulations bringing together all revisions since 2000 can be downloaded from the related documents section or can be viewed at

Approved documents

Part K

The amended Part K came into force on 6 April 2013 and was updated to amalgamate Part N:Glazing along with overlapping guidance that was in Part M. There have been no technical updates in relation to this document.

Approved Document K- Protection from falling, collision and impact

Part M

Part M has been revised to include the 2010 and 2013 amendments.

Approved Document M- Access to and use of buildings

Related documents

The following documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You can download software to view PDF documents for free from the Adobe website (opens in a new window)