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Swadlincote Town Centre Masterplan phase two

Work steams ahead on Phase Two of the Swadlincote town Centre Masterplan.

The plans for West Street, Ernest Hall Way and The Delph can be viewed at the bottom of this page under 'Related documents'.

Having secured more than £1 million the refurbishment of The Delph is now underway. South Derbyshire District Council was awarded £660,400 from the Derbyshire Economic Partnership and £449,500 from the Homes and Communities Agency’s Growth Point initiative to carry out work on The Delph.

The grants are being used to help further enhance The Delph's status as a major focal point and venue for community activities in front of Swadlincote Town Hall.

The improvements include repaving in a high quality attractive sandstone and removing street clutter that may cause an obstruction to shoppers and wheelchair users. Also improved lighting, new seating and litter bins will be installed with new tree planting across the southern and part of the western side of The Delph.

The improvements to The Delph are a key part of the second phase of the Swadlincote Town Centre Masterplan following the repaving in West Street and Ernest Hall Way, the construction of which is now complete. The aim is to improve the environment, support businesses and improve the climate for inward investment in Swadlincote.

A state of the art CCTV camera system is also being installed throughout the town centre. The Safer South Derbyshire Partnership and its members believe the CCTV will bring positive benefits for those who live and work in the town and visitors and it will make a significant contribution to making everyone feel safe and secure.

West Street's new paving materials, blue clay pavers and granite, complement Swadlincote Conservation Area's Victorian and Edwardian character whilst creating a high quality environment that is fresh and contemporary. The same materials have been used to construct a new footpath along Ernest Hall Way, creating a more defined link to the Morrison’s supermarket. In The Delph sandstone pavings are planned to mark its role as the town's principal square. New, brighter lighting is being installed in all three areas to make the town centre feel more inviting and safe after dark.

The traffic restrictions currently in place in the town centre will not change once the repaving has been completed. However a number of temporary road closures will be needed in 2010 to facilitate construction works on The Delph. The closure dates will be displayed on signs at the entrance to the affected streets and the Council will be aiming to minimise potential disruption to businesses and the public.

The Phase Two plans, which can be viewed below, for West Street, Ernest Hall Way and The Delph were developed in response to the second round of public consultation in February 2009. Following the February 2009 consultation the former proposal to create an amphitheatre like arrangement of steps and informal seating in the centre of The Delph was dropped. Instead the levels will be kept much as existing so that the space can be used as flexibly as possible for events and accommodate the outdoor market.

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