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Better Design for South Derbyshire

'Better Design for South Derbyshire' was published in March 2010 as design guidance for everyone involved in development in the district of South Derbyshire.

High quality design plays a central role in 'Making South Derbyshire a better place to live, work and visit', which forms the overall vision for the Council (Corporate Plan 2009 - 2014).

The guide aims to provide concise and robust advice on the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve high quality design solutions.  A copy of the guide can be downloaded from the bottom of this page under 'Related Documents'

The 3 Key Objectives

  • The Design Process
    South Derbyshire District Council is asking for a simple and logical design process to be followed in order to raise the design quality of new developments. The process will ensure that development sites are fully assessed and understood before any detailed design solutions are considered.

  • Building for Life
    South Derbyshire District Council has formally adopted the 'Building for Life' standard and has an accredited assessor. For residential developments of 10 dwellings or more, the Council will use the 'Building for Life' criteria as a tool in pre-application discussions and in assessing proposals submitted for planning approval.

  • Planning Law, Policy and Best Practice
    South Derbyshire District Council expect all relevant planning law, policy and guidance documents to be followed when engaging in the development process and will insist on good design where it is appropriate (which is nearly everywhere).

The guide also includes:

  • A list of further reading and useful websites - from design guides to government policies;

  • A useful checklist for site-specific appraisals - to guide you through the evaluation of the site and the surrounding area from physical and visual characteristics to how the site is used;

  • Guidance on understanding local distinctiveness and how it can be developed and/or enhanced; and

  • The 20 'Building for Life' criteria - used to evaluate the quality of schemes at both pre-planning and post-construction phases.

Other Design Documents

  • Design Brief: Askew Grove and The Crescent, Repton
    The aim of this document is to guide future development within this specific area of Repton in order to ensure a good design quality and coherence is achieved.

    A copy of this design brief can be downloaded from the bottom of this page under Related Documents

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