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New Scheme For Validating Planning Applications

From 6 April 2008 the Government has changed the system for validating (registering) planning and related applications. All applications will need to provide a core list of information known as the "National" Requirements and further information defined in a "Local" Requirements list.

Below you will find the National Requirements and the Local Requirements which will replace our previous planning application checklists.

Applications will need to provide all of the information contained in the National Planning Requirements and all relevant information from the Local Planning Application Requirements. If you fail to supply the required information with your planning application it will not be validated. If you are not sure about the need for any particular requirement, please contact planning support services. Pre application discussion is available to avoid undue delay. 

Timescales for Validation

We should confirm that your application is valid within the following timescales:

  • Minor/Other applications - within three working days from receipt
  • Small Scale Major applications - within five working days from receipt
  • Large Scale Major - within ten working days from receipt


Further guidance on the requirements of the National & Local Lists are also detailed in the Guidance sections below.

The lists cover the following types of application:

  • Householder
  • Householder (Conservation Area)
  • Householder (Listed Building)
  • Planning Permission
  • Outline (with some Reserved Matters)
  • Outline (all Reserved Matters)
  • Planning Permission and Conservation Area Consent to demolish
  • Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent
  • Planning Permission and Advertisement Consent
  • Conservation Area Consent for Demolition
  • Listed Building Consent (alterations, extensions, demolition) 
  • Advertisement Consent
  • Listed Building Consent (alterations, extensions, demolition) and Advertisement Consent 
  • Lawful Development Certificate (existing use, operation, activity including a breach)
  • Lawful Development Certificate (proposed use/development)
  • Prior Notification Agricultural Development (Building)
  • Prior Notification Agricultural Development (Road)
  • Prior Notification Agricultural Development (Waste)
  • Prior Notification Agricultural Development (Fish Tanks)
  • Prior Notification Electronic Communications Code Operators)
  • Hedgerow removal Notice
  • Prior Notification Demolition
  • Reserved Matters Approval following Outline Permission
  • Removal/Variation of a Condition (Section 73)
  • Approval of Details Reserved by Condition
  • Application for Tree Works (Tree Preservation Order or Works to Trees in a Conservation Area)

page ref: SDDC 349

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