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Do I need planning permission? (developer)

Before making an application, the Planning Department would encourage you to discuss your proposal with us. We will be happy to offer pre-application advice, free of charge.

For this we offer an appointment system through the council's main reception (contact details are in the contact details section). This includes:

  • Whether planning permission will be needed.
    If possible, you will be told if you need planning permission over the phone, but often you will be advised to obtain any opinion in writing. In the case of householder proposals, you will be advised to fill in a Planning Permission Enquiry Form. This will allow us to search the planning history of the property for issues that might affect your proposal.
  • What you will need to provide to make a planning application.
  • A planning officer may be able to give informal advice based on relevant local and national planning policies. For example, you might be advised that a housing development is unlikely to gain permission because it is outside a sustainable village.

We provide a Development Team Response to major enquiries. The council offers the facility to applicants who have complicated proposals which require the input of several services, to co-ordinate these through a development team.

The team is assembled and managed by a designated officer who is responsible for bringing together all appropriate services within the council, particularly Planning, Building Control, Environmental Health, Housing and Economic Development, together with any outside agencies such as the county Highway Authority.

The purpose of this is to resolve any potentially conflicting requirements by the various regulators before any submissions are made to the council for its formal decision. This saves both time and expense.

Designing Out Crime

For crime prevention advice you can contact the Derbyshire Police Crime Prevention Design Adviser (contact details in the document). We have signed up to the Derbyshire 'Designing out crime' Protocol.

Contact details

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