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River Mease DCS

The Council has now adopted The River Mease Developer Contribution Scheme (DCS).

Following six weeks of consultation over the summer, South Derbyshire District Council has agreed a new scheme to ensure developers pay a direct contribution to protecting water quality in the River Mease.

The River Mease is a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) due to the importance of the species and habitats it supports.

Survey work by the Environment Agency revealed that the quality of the water in the river was poor, mainly due to high phosphorous levels. As a precaution against increasing phosphorous levels, since 2009, new development within the River Mease Catchment has been restricted, leading to delays in planning applications and a knock-on effect on the local economy.

South Derbyshire, together with other neighbouring Authorities (Lichfield District Council and North West Leicestershire District Council) have agreed a new scheme, which will ensure that the costs of improving the quality of the water in the river are met by potential developers.

Under the new scheme, developers or householders will have to contribute between 86 and 354 per dwelling depending on its size, and water efficiency. Commercial developments will also be expected to pay a contribution dependent on the size and scale of the development proposed.

The contributions will apply to all decisions made by the Council, which lead to the development of new homes and commercial premises connecting to mains sewerage in the villages of Overseal, Netherseal, Lullington and Smisby.

For further information concerning how contributions will be collected please contact Ann Garfield on 01283 595745.

The developer contribution scheme is over and above actions, which have also been taken to impose stricter limits on phosphorous levels at a number of local water treatment works. Together these limits and the developer contribution scheme will have a combined impact on reducing phosphorous levels in the river and its habitats.

The following documents can be downloaded from the bottom of this page under 'Related documents':

  • The River Mease SAC Developer Contribution Strategy
  • Appendix 1 of the River Mease SAC Developer Contribution Strategy
  • A map of the area subject to the River Mease SAC Developer Contribution Strategy

page ref: SDDC 580

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