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South Derbyshire Local Plan

The planning system provides a framework for managing the development and use of land. A key element of this system is the preparation of plans, which establish where and what type of development might take place, and provides the basis for the consideration of planning applications.

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, which came into operation on the 28 September 2004 (the commencement date) and subsequent amendments including the Localism Act 2011, introduced new rules governing the way development plans are drawn up.

Local Plan Part 1

The Local Plan Part 1 formerly known as the Core Strategy, was adopted by the council on 13 June 2016. The Part 1 has replaced 35 policies in the 1998 Local Plan and a list of the policies replaced can be found at Appendix 1 in the Local Plan Part 1. Policies not listed there will continue to be saved from the 1998 Local Plan. The Part 1 sets the long-term vision, objectives and strategy for the spatial development of South Derbyshire and provides a framework for promoting and controlling development.

The Local Plan Part 2

The Local Plan Part 2 sets out the detail of smaller development sites, includes development management policies, proposes detailed amendments to settlement boundaries and proposes areas to be designated as local green space. Once adopted, Part 2 together with the Local Plan Part 1 will replace the 1998 Local Plan entirely.

The Local Development Scheme

The local development scheme sets out the councilís programme for preparing the Local Plan Part 2, supplementary planning documents and the statement of community involvement.

Supplementary planning documents

It is anticipated that additional documents will be produced covering issues such as design, affordable housing, Traveller site accommodation and car parking standards.

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The statement of community involvement sets out how the council intends to engage and consult local communities and others in the preparation of its planning documents. It also sets out how the council will consult on planning applications and other development control matters within the district. The SCI for South Derbyshire was adopted in March 2006.

The Annual Monitoring Report (AMR)

The annual monitoring report is an annual report on the implementation of the local development scheme and the extent to which policies set out in the Local Plan are being achieved.

Taken together the above documents will seek to manage future development within South Derbyshire in a manner that is both integrated and sustainable.

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