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Clean Team

The Clean Team are a hit squad who respond to incidents of illegally dumped rubbish (fly-tipping), littering, dog fouling, discarded syringes and hazardous waste removal. On average, waste and litter are removed within 24 hours of report.
The clean team

The Clean Team's aim is to help to provide a clean environment for the people in South Derbyshire. To request a Clean Team clear up, use the report form below or telephone our 24 hour freephone number0800 587 2349.

Dumped rubbish (fly-tipping)

If you've witnessed a fly-tipping incident and are prepared to make a statement in court to assist us in a prosecution please report witness details here.


There are a number of hazards associated with handling these items and if discovered on the public highway in South Derbyshire you should contact us to have them safely removed and disposed.

We advise members of the public not to pick up needles, unless it poses an immediate danger to you or other residents. Ideally, you should contact us and we will safely dispose of them.

Please note that any needles, or syringes, etc. found on educational premises (e.g. schools, nurseries, etc.) during working hours should be reported immediately to the premises directly where staff on site are trained to deal with such items.

Contact Details

South Derbyshire District Council
Environmental Services
Civic Offices
Civic Way
DE11 0AH

Tel: 0800 587 2349 
Fax: 01283 221664 
Online : Please use the form below

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Photograph by Louise Galdes

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