Opportunity to try walking which is poles apart for burning calories

Nordic walking Nordic walking

People of all ages and abilities are being invited to take some steps in the right direction and give a popular walking technique a try.

Weekly Nordic walking sessions, set up by Get Active in The Forest, start at Swadlincote Woodlands from Tuesday 8 August 2017 for all ages and abilities.

Nordic Walking is hugely popular all over the world and through the use of poles, employs a similar technique to the upper body action of cross-country skiing.

It is proven to help burn up to 46% more calories compared to walking without poles, release tension in the neck and shoulders, improve posture, strengthen back and abdominal muscles and reduce impact on joints.

Debbie Chesterman, Manager of Get Active in the Forest, said: “Nordic walking is a great way to get fit and tone up without having to participate in excessive workout regimes as it uses up to 90% of the body muscles and can burn around 400 calories an hour.

“By using the poles to take weight off of the knees and lower body joints it makes walkers feel lighter on their feet and can be particularly supportive for people with mobility problems. Plus the gentle pace makes it a very sociable activity that can be perfect for people of all ages, fitness levels or weight."

Walkers should meet in the reception at Oakland Village, in Hall Farm Road, at 9.45am every week. The sessions are an hour long and cost £1.50 for those bringing their own poles, or £3 for people who need to hire them.

Other weekly sessions take place at Rosliston Forestry Centre from 6pm on Monday evenings (until October) and from 10am on Thursdays. Nordic walking is also held at Elvaston Castle from 10am on Wednesdays.

For more information contact the Rosliston Forestry Centre tel: 01283 563483.

7 August 2017