Prolific offender given five year Criminal Behaviour Order

Mark Mark

A prolific offender has been handed a five-year criminal behaviour (CBO) order to clamp down on his disruptive and anti-social behaviour in Swadlincote town centre. 

Mark McVey, of Regent Street, Church Gresley, has been given the CBO for repeated acts of anti-social behaviour, which included abusing and pestering visitors and businesses for money or alcohol and refusing to leave shops when asked.

The 46-year-old has also regularly visited the Civic Offices in Swadlincote when drunk and disrupted staff and customers.

Derbyshire Constabulary and the Safer South Derbyshire Partnership have made numerous attempts to help McVey, but to no avail.

McVey was found guilty of shop theft and two breaches of a community protection notice at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court. After the guilty verdict, the Partnership and the police applied to the court for a CBO to put restrictions on McVey’s behaviour. Residents and businesses provided evidence of his disruptive behaviour which was vital in securing the Order.

The CBO prohibits him from causing harassment, alarm or distress towards residents, prevents him consuming or carrying alcohol in public areas or entering any retail or business premise within Swadlincote town centre other than a pharmacy or chemist for collecting medication.

It is also stated that McVey must leave any public place within Swadlincote Town Centre when requested to do so by a police officer or a PCSO, or a Council authorised officer.

Cllr Bob Wheeler, Chairman of the Safer South Derbyshire Partnership, said:

“We are working hard to crack down on nuisance behaviour within South Derbyshire.

“The latest prosecution is a clear message that people cannot harass local residents and businesses and expect to get away with it. We hope this provides the wider community with reassurance that action is being taken against offenders.

“South Derbyshire is a safe place to live, work and visit. This is thanks to the public, the Police and the Safer South Derbyshire Partnership all working hand in hand to tackle this kind of disorder.”

If McVey does not abide by the conditions of the CBO, he will be arrested and face a custodial sentence.

Anyone who believes McVey has broken his conditions should telephone Derbyshire Constabulary on 101 or the Safer South Derbyshire Partnership on 01283 595798.

9 January 2018