Council Tax fraud

Council Tax fraud is when a person intentionally gives incorrect or misleading information so that they pay less or no Council Tax. Any deliberate attempt to mislead or failure to inform will lead to a penalty being added to your Council Tax bill and, in some cases, prosecution.

Types of Council Tax fraud include:

  • failing to register to pay Council Tax
  • making a false application for a Council Tax discount or exemption to reduce the Council Tax bill
  • failing to report a change of circumstances that means a person is no longer entitled to a discount or exemption

What are we doing to prevent Council Tax fraud?

We take part in the National Fraud Initiative. This is a country-wide matching exercise that targets potential fraud. We also undertake data matching exercises with other external organisations and credit reference agencies to identify Council Tax fraud.

Reporting Council Tax fraud

Your help in reducing Council Tax fraud is vital. If you know or suspect that someone is not registered to pay Council Tax, or is claiming a discount or exemption they are not entitled to, report it to us. The information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Online: You can use this website to report Council Tax fraud online.

Report Council Tax Fraud
Telephone: 01283 595827 or 01283 595885.

During office hours you will be able to speak to a member of our Fraud Investigation Team or leave a message. If you do leave a message, provide us with as much information as possible, no matter how small the detail might be.



Fraud Investigations Unit 
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We will assess every single report of suspected fraud that we receive