Safer Neighbourhoods

Neighbourhood Wardens

Our Safer Neighbourhood Wardens have five primary roles:

  1. Patrol South Derbyshire with a CCTV van addressing issues relating to anti-social behaviour, mostly in the evenings.
  2. Dealing with duties traditionally associated with our Dog Wardens, including collecting stray dogs and dealing with barking dog and fouling complaints.
  3. Dealing with fly-tipping. The wardens inspect any fly-tips found in South Derbyshire for evidence before our Clean Team clears it. Perpetrators can be prosecuted or given formal cautions. The CCTV kit is also used to catch fly-tippers in the act.
  4. Patrolling and serving fixed penalty notices for offences including littering, dog fouling, waste offences, parking vehicles for sale (subject to certain criteria), graffiti and fly-posting.
  5. Dealing with abandoned vehicles.

Further details of work on some of the above can be found in our Environment and Street care sections.