Which bin to use

Easy green recycling bin

Main bin

Empty aerosols, clean foil, food tins and cans, glass bottles and jars, margarine tubs, yoghurt pots, fruit and mushroom punnets, plastic bottles.

Inner caddy

Paper, junk mail, newspapers, cardboard, phone directories, magazines.

Red sack

Clothes, curtains, rags, shoes, belts, handbags, underwear, towels.

Sorry we cannot take black plastic items, pizza boxes, hard plastics, sweet tubs, plastic bags and plastic film or egg boxes.

green lidded bin red sack
green lidded bin
red sack

Brown compost bin

Food waste

Plate scrapings, meat, bones, fish, stale bread, cakes, dairy, fruit, vegetables, tea bags, coffee grounds, cooked food and salad.

Garden waste

Weeds, grass, leaves, branches, pet straw, wood shavings.

Sorry we cannot take plastic bags, plastic items, turf, soil, garden rubble, stones and non - compostable waste.

brown lidded bin
brown lidded bin

Black refuse bin

Non-recyclable refuse including:

Black plastic items, egg boxes, pizza boxes, juice cartons (tetrapak), plastic bags, cellophane, plastic wrapping packets, bubble wrap, polythene, polystyrene, plant pots, sticky tape, nappies, pet waste (bagged), toys, foam packaging, coat hangers, rigid plastic items.

black lidded bin
black lidded bin