Grass cutting

Which areas of grass are you responsible for?

We cut grass to ensure that people can use roads and pavements safely. We cut the grass on all Council-owned land:

  • highway verges (as an agent for Derbyshire County Council)
  • public open space
  • parks
  • town centres
  • memorial gardens

We do not cut grass that is privately-owned or on properties/estates owned by bodies other than ourselves.

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How often do you cut the grass?

As a guide, areas outside 30mph signs are cut approximately three times per year, traffic sight lines are cut four times per year and areas within 30mph signs are cut approximately 12 times a year.

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Why can't you cut the grass more often?

There is only a limited amount of funding for grass cutting. The vast area of grass that we are responsible for and the time it takes prevents us from doing more.

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Why are grass cuttings not collected during the grass cutting process?

The cost of collecting and transporting grass, plus the specialist machinery needed, is time-consuming and expensive, so we don’t do it in any areas.

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What happens to grass at the base of trees and obstacles?

We use the largest possible mowers to make cutting as efficient as possible. Sometimes these machines can’t cut close enough to trees and bases of obstacles. We use a fully approved herbicide in these areas.

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Why do you let grass grow to different lengths in some areas?

This encourages the return of wild flora and fauna to our open spaces. Land use is also considered. For example, more formal areas require shorter grass.

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Why do you cut grass when it’s wet?

Grass cutting is a large-scale operation and therefore cannot only be done in perfect conditions. It is delayed if conditions become so bad that we would be damaging the surface or putting our operatives in danger. 

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I get disturbed by the Council using mowers early in the morning. Can you start later?

Due to the size of the job of maintaining grass verges, open spaces and parks in the District we have to start work early in the day. Crews are asked not to start before 7am in heavily populated areas to cause as little disturbance as possible.

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